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Tracking Dogs - Scent and Skills


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Tracking Dogs - Scent ans Skills

Tracking Dogs - Scent and Skills

Lars Fält
Tobias Gustavsson 
Jens Karlsson
Jessica Åberg

Language: English
ISBN: 978-91-637-7766-0

The aim of this book is to provide the dog handler with a toolkit to be used during the first tracking exercises, through to the most advanced tasks. In order to reach that goal, instructions for the practical training of tracking dogs is essential, but not enough. Even if you attend a never so grand training course for tracking, it will be you that provide the quantitative training at home. You will inevitably face challenges during that training, we can promise you that. All tracking dog handlers do, all the time.

When we begun this work we were aiming to write a book for those that use tracking dogs more or less in their profession. The positive feedback that we have received from “competition folks”, hunters and “ordinary” dog people that have read sections from the book, made us broaden the aim and expand on most sections to suit more people. Our target group is, however, still primarily highly motivated dog handlers that wish to develop their own and their dog’s ability to the greatest extent possible.

View this book as your toolkit. You may read it from cover to cover at first, but take the time to return to sections before or after your training session to refresh the memory, as the little details may be of large consequence to the result.


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Tracking Dogs - Scent and Skills

Tracking Dogs - Scent and Skills